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Trans Envy Mushrooms
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Trans Envy
The Trans Envy magic mushroom is a hybrid mix between African Transkei and Penis envy. It was created read more by a Vancouver Island spore lab. The story goes that there was a mix-up between two rye grain bags, one was colonized with South African Transkei Strain and one with the Penis Envy Strain. These two bags were used in one fruiting tray and it happened to produce a hybrid strain which was then extensively isolated to create new genetics which shows characters of both psilocybin mushrooms.

Its effects also combine the best of both strains, offering the bodily vibration and socially stimulating experience commonly associated with Transkei, along with the vivid visuals and intense euphoria expected from a Penis Envy experience.

The Trans Envy is known to have high above average psilocybin content due to its genetics. It is slow to grow and difficult to fruit compared to the average strain. The African Transkei and Penis Envy are both premium strains with high potency, we do not recommend this strain for first timers.

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